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A five player football special lawn with no padding

Product details:
Five artificial turf special + damping cushion (XPE) is the composite elastic body can absorb the impact force, we can make fun sports, enjoying a roll, without fear of harm to stumble, Wei feet, wrestling and other sports; really protect the players and students of the joints and muscles, to exercise and foot ball good comfortable effect. Is not in contact with harmful substances cause skin allergies; not be toxic odor damage; the football running track, the rebound is closer to the natural lawn; the football field is more beautiful, full of passion; artificial turf protection more effectively increase the service life of artificial turf.
XiangYuan source of new materials focus on foaming materials for nearly ten years, has a wealth of product research and development experience, to provide you with safe, high-quality XPE foam materials, improve customer product overall competitiveness.
Simple installation, artificial turf and cushion composite pavement directly, without first laying turf damping cushion, with artificial grass, saves time and effort.

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