Polish man arrested over Milan model abduction

  • Polish man arrested over Milan model abduction

Polish man arrested over Milan model abduction

A British model was abducted in Milan and put up for auction online after being lured to a sham photoshoot.

As reported by the Italian media outlet, Corriere Della Sera, Herba requested the model for an alleged photo shoot in Milan.

Detectives are unclear as to whether Herba was serious about auctioning his victim or if it was simply a threat meant to extort 300,000 euros in Bitcoin from the model's agent and family.

It is claimed the woman was taken to an abandoned office block on July 11 close to Milan's Central station in the boot of a auto. He later moved the model to a farmhouse close to Turin, some 120 miles away, where she was held captive for six days.

Italian police say the offender demanded €50,000 to free her and "threatened to kill her" if she told officers what happened to her.

When she walked into the apartment where the photo shoot was supposed to take place, two men attacked her, police said.

A statement from Milan police headquarters detailed the woman's ordeal.

He also allegedly told the agent that he was operating on behalf of "the Black Death group", an organization involved in illegal trafficking on the dark web, a layer of the Internet accessible only through anonymizing networks like Tor.

The kidnapper was captured by police as he was accompanying the model to the British Consulate in Milan, according to the Telegraph.

The unnamed suspect faced pre-trial before magistrate Anna Magelli yesterday.

In the meantime, the staff at the consulate had phoned the police to say a man had called them to say he was dropping off a British woman he had "found".

"His version of events is barely credible but clearly he does not deny that he was with her for the time she was missing", Storari said.

The woman's modelling agency then contacted police and Herba reportedly negotiated a ransom for about USD$60,000 ($75,000) with them.