Google Play Services now boasts 5 billion installs

  • Google Play Services now boasts 5 billion installs

Google Play Services now boasts 5 billion installs

Both users need to have the Google Duo app installed, so this isn't some magical built-in Duo tech but it's more like a quick shortcut to launch a video call without leaving the Truecaller app.

Google is courting developers to build high-quality products which could solve problems in India.

Google Play services also enhance your app experience. He said that the needs of the next 300 million Internet users were different -they would be using affordable smartphones and would need simpler user interfaces. However, it is unclear whether the search engine giant is only counting devices with Play services because countries like China do not have Google's play services installed in Android phones or tablets.

However, to note the point, Google Play Services was not manually downloaded so many times on Play Store. The Google Play Director (Business Development, Games & Applications) Purnima Kochikar said that Google is committed to help Indian developers and making Android consumers aware of the unbelievable new experiences. The event brought together over 700 Indian app and games developers to help them create quality apps that are relevant for local app users. Besides being the official app store for the Android based operating systems, it also serves as a digital media store offering service such as music, magazine, movies, books among others.

This means that over the years, five billion active Android devices have gathered and remained active.

Speaking at the summit, Purnima Kochikar, Director, Business Development, Games & Applications, Google Play, said, "At Google Play, we are committed to helping Indian developers of app sizes seize this opportunity and build successful, locally relevant business".

Google has done something wonderful today with the application available in the play store reach the 5 million mark.