Toy sales increased for Children’s Day

In relation to Children’s Day, the Argentine Chamber of Toy Industry (CAIJ) reported that, in terms of quantities, sales increased by 4.5% over last year.

Matías Furió, president of the institution, said that this year the average ticket was around “$ 300 per toy” and that product prices rose 23% in the last year and a half.

“This was possible thanks to the fact that domestic industry toys are competitive based on capital goods investments made by manufacturers, incorporating the latest generation machinery with automated and robotic production processes,” he added.

“The incorporation of the toy into the Program for the Promotion of Consumption and Production Now 3, the competitiveness of Argentine toys and the significant reduction of illegal sales on the streets”, according to Furió, were the factors that led to an increase in sales.

Games and toys up to three years of age were the most outstanding, although all the segments of the item obtained a good scope of sales. “They had a good performance based on the competitive prices offered by the Argentine industry,” said the CAIJ.

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