They will ship iphones from $ 800, which can also be paid in 50 installments

This is a mega auction that the City Bank will carry out with articles seized by Customs, in September. Many come from the “Chile effect”, Argentines who enter the country but when detected, lose them for not paying the corresponding tax.
Argentina is one of the countries where most expensive Apple products are sold. The iphones and ipads cost double or triple that in Chile and the United States. But for those who dream of that aspirational object – and do not reach the $ 26,000 that costs for example one of these smartphones in its latest version – there is still hope. The City Bank announced a mega auction of more than 800 lots to be held for three days, the next 12, 13 and 14 September in the city of Mendoza.

There, among other items will hear offers for Iphones (from 1 to 7), who are waiting for owner in some Cuyana customs after being seized and auctioned for detecting them in contraband and also by the “Chile effect.” Many consumers enter the country one of these phones but when detected in the Customs prefer to lose it to pay to pass the franchise of the u $ s 150 that can enter in products every Argentinean that arrives from the outside.

The good news for those who join the auction is that in addition these items can be paid in up to 50 installments and over the internet.

The mega auction, which the City Bank will carry out by order of the National Customs, will also top Samsung and Motorola phones, amid articles of the most diverse oak barrels, netbooks, car stereos, cameras, camcorders, tablets, Diving equipment, jewelery and gold watches, electric and acoustic guitars, golf club sets, mp3 and mp4 players, memory cards, wristwatches, LCD TVs, auto parts, appliances and automobiles, among others.

The catalogs of the articles and the base prices of the auction will be known starting next week, according to sources of the entity that also explained that the auction will be made in Mendoza after the one that was developed with much success in Cordoba, in Which sold 100% of the lots offered and exceeded $ 10 million of collection.

This time, the shots will start from nine in the morning, in the great hall Bodega Centenario of the city of Mendoza. Javier Ortiz Batalla, president of the Banco Ciudad, said that “the traditional auctions of Banco Ciudad ensure a transparent mechanism and wide citizen participation, in these cases applied to return to society – Treasury national – resources from the fight against illegal trade And goods that are no longer useful to the State. ”

On this occasion, by order of the National Customs, goods from the deposits of Mendoza, San Rafael, San Luis and San Juan will be auctioned off.

According to explained by the City Bank, given the quantity and diversity of products presented by auction lots, “the baseband will be very broad and will generate an important bid among the participants to get the objects of interest.” For those who attend in person, they must present with ID and request an identification palette. In addition, there is the possibility of submitting offers up to 24 hours before the auction, for which they should request advice from the entity.

The form of payment is also attractive for participants. With City Bank credit cards can be purchased at auction in up to six installments without interest, and up to 50 installments. For plastics from other banks, the possibility is in up to 12 installments but with interest.

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