2 trains collide in Egypt, killing at least 25

  • 2 trains collide in Egypt, killing at least 25

2 trains collide in Egypt, killing at least 25

Two trains collided in Alexandria, Egypt, leaving at least 20 dead and 74 wounded, according to Egypt's Health Ministry, via state-run Al-Ahram news. Some people were still stuck inside the trains, a medical official told state TV. The other train then crashed into it.

Egypt's railway authority said an express train had crashed into the second train near the Khurshid station on the Cairo-to-Alexandria line.

The Egyptian Railways Authority said a train traveling to Alexandria from Cairo, Egypt's capital, hit the back end of another train, which was waiting at a small station in the district of Khorshid, just east of Alexandria.

In 2012, a collision between a train and school bus on a rail crossing in the town of Manaflut in Upper Egypt killed 51 people, mostly children. He ordered an immediate investigation.

The accident was blamed on a train signal operator who fell asleep on the job.

The government also formed a panel to investigate the incident, but that did not prevent further accidents. Months later a train carrying military conscripts derailed, killing 17 people.

Friday's collision was the latest in a series of deadly accidents that have claimed hundreds of lives over the years.

Efforts were still exerted to extradite more bodies and injured from wreckage of the two trains.