WhatsApp's new Night Mode helps brighten up your photos

  • WhatsApp's new Night Mode helps brighten up your photos

WhatsApp's new Night Mode helps brighten up your photos

At this time, we don't have further details on the upcoming feature but it definitely brings a great news for selfie enthusiasts out there. The other new feature on WhatsApp is the option of searching for emojis by just typing in the keyword.

Second new feature is to search a emoji option for Android and available also in IOS.

Whatsapp launches two new features to change emojis and apply font style. When you tap on the crescent moon icon, the feature will be activated and the photo taken will be brighter than earlier. Last year, WhatsApp came up with the ability to bold, italic and strikethrough fonts. In other words, when you go to the emoji keyword, you will notice a search option at the bottom.

Both of these features are live in the latest WhatsApp beta version.

Called "Night Mode" in the WhatsApp translation page, uncovered by the folks at PhoneRadar, the new feature is created to deliver photos in lowlight conditions. This is to note that the update will make it to the Android ecosystem shortly after it is released for the iOS users. Just type which emoji you have to use like you want to search cat for the cat emoji you will find the relevant emoji's in the result. Choose the right option to apply the same on the text you have typed.

WhatApp application is a world-leading messaging app, where people connect with their friends easier. The feature allowed the users to stream the video, without having to wait for it to download upfront, while the video also got downloaded in the background. WhatsApp is rumoured to add support for all sorts of file-sharing, including MP3s, etc which could make the app even more popular in a market like India, where it has emerged as a form of major of communication.