Watch A Woman Destroy $258000 Worth Of Art While Taking A Selfie

  • Watch A Woman Destroy $258000 Worth Of Art While Taking A Selfie

Watch A Woman Destroy $258000 Worth Of Art While Taking A Selfie

That's the lesson learned by a visitor to Los Angeles's The 14th Factory, a temporary art exhibit and factory space now hosting a show of stylized crown sculptures.

In a video released this week, the woman can be seen crouching down next to a row of pedestals displaying the Simon Birch exhibit at The 14th Factory gallery in Los Angeles.

That installation is (was?) called Hypercaine, and consist of crow-like objects placed on pedestals.

A spokeswoman told Fox News that the damaged art pieces each took the artists about 20 to 30 hours to make.

A recently released YouTube video of an expensive accident in an art gallery is a unusual (but not uncommon) collision of the the expensive fragility of art objects and the (literally) clumsy narcissism of selfie culture - particularly that of the "art selfie". The damage amounted to around $200,000.

But some have thrown doubt on whether the accident, captured perfectly by what appears to be CCTV footage, was in fact a stunt by one or more of the artists involved. The rest of The 14th Factory is one of its kind....

The destroyed work of art was a collaboration between Birch, Yu, Gabriel Chan and Jacob Blitzer.

The woman seems to lose her balance and falls back into one of the podiums, leading it to fall, and then fall into other nearby podiums. Or maybe she read this review from the L.A. Times, which boldly predicted the inclination towards selfie-taking in the social-media-oriented show. "We fixed up most with a bit of glue and only 1 super delicate one was totally f**ked", Birch said.