Tiffany Haddish Tells Epic Swamp Tour Story With Jada & Will Smith

  • Tiffany Haddish Tells Epic Swamp Tour Story With Jada & Will Smith

Tiffany Haddish Tells Epic Swamp Tour Story With Jada & Will Smith

Let's be honest: What beats a girls' trip?

On New Years Eve 1997, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith became husband and wife, and since tying the knot they've become one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood.

Last night, Tiffany Haddish made her first ever trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Tiffany went on to tell Jimmy how the swamp tour trip came about and how Will Smith was used to her regular auto. Together, Hall, Latifah, Pinkett-Smith and Haddish are breaking the mold around how black women are represented on the big screen and showing how multidimensional and carefree we can be. Sasha (Latifah) is a struggling journalist, who has some unresolved issues with Ryan.

The sparkplug that repeatedly ignites them all is shameless wild child Dina, a role likely to be a breakout for the volcanically amusing Haddish, best known for The Carmichael Show. "And he had to go and do the same and when two people can come back together in their own happiness and just add to that happiness".

"Girls Trip", a "Bridesmaids"-meets-"The Hangover" comedy from Malcom D. Lee ("The Best Man"), is a raunchy, good-hearted celebration of friendship; as amusing as it needs to be, and possibly funnier". The progression from raunchy, raucous laughs into dramatic conflict and then out the other side into the uplifting empowerment of sisterhood and self-worth isn't entirely seamless, but there's too much dizzy pleasure here to get hung up on the flaws. There are several celebrity guest appearances in Girls Trip and the true vibe of the Essence Festival is captured beautifully. The problems, on the other hand, are relatable, "Girls Trip" slowly going from absurd to real throughout the course of its two hours.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you all get a chance to have fun in New Orleans?TIFFANY HADDISH: I was in charge of activities. Maybe you've never danced in the middle of Bourbon Street with the band. "Jada, according to Tiffany's retelling, said, "'Oh it doesn't have tinted windows, I don't know if I feel safe.' And I'm like, 'Really, Jada?

They portray the members of the Flossy Posse - four brash and sassy women who bonded as college roommates but haven't seen each other for years.

For a movie about a group of likable, personable friends, "Girls Trip" couldn't have gotten it better in its casting than what it has here. What an awesome time in our current world to see four attractive black women on the big screen, reaffirming the importance of preserving true friendships. Right now is Haddish's time and it's such a great joy to watch.

Before the flick hits theaters on July 21, Smith sat down with Sway In The Morning to talk about her reaction to another movie.

Author and Oprah-in-training Ryan (Regina Hall) has invited her girl crew along for a trip to Essence Fest in New Orleans, where she's giving a keynote speech and taking meetings to launch her brand with her husband and business partner, Stewart (Mike Colter).