Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts

  • Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts

Putin Meeting Raises Red Flags for National Security Experts

Donald Trump Jr., shown with his father at a New England Council "Politics and Eggs" breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire, on November 11, 2015, is reportedly "miserable" following the scandal over a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign.

Earlier in the day, a White House spokeswoman played down the controversy over the meeting in Hamburg.

The official stressed that Trump spoke with many leaders over the course of the dinner and said he spoke briefly with Putin, who was seated next to first lady Melania Trump, as the event was concluding.

Reporters who were outside the dinner saw both presidents leave around the same time, shortly after 11 p.m. local time.

The ad begins with unflattering pictures of Putin and Trump with the declaration, "When America is under threat, we come together", and concludes with a pitch for people to support the Russian sanctions measure Senate Bill 341, passed overwhelmingly by the U.S. Senate but languishing in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any interference, and Trump has said there was no collusion with Moscow. Putin was assisted by his official interpreter whereas Trump did the talking alone according to Washingtonpost. What was President Trump seeking to do in approaching the Russian president? An intelligence officer-turned-politician, Putin is known for steering discussions in his own favor. The law also says those found in violation won't get paid, but Ivanka Trump never had a salary to begin with. And why did the United States president have to rely upon a Russian official for translation? But advisers past and present said that characterizing any conversation with Putin as casual would be a mistake.

The original suggestion, floated after the G20 meeting of world leaders in July, prompted incredulity from some Republicans.

Mr Chuck Grassley, the committee's Republican chairman, has said he wanted to question the Trump associates, but has also raised concerns about why the Obama administration allowed Ms Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who attended the Trump Tower meeting in June past year, into the United States.

Trump's team has not yet responded to CNN's request for comment. He was forced to rely on Russia's interpreter for the discussion, which reportedly went on for almost an hour. In the Obama administration, the official said, aides ensured Obama was never alone with leaders of powerful, adversarial nations like China and Russian Federation.

A statement was released on Tuesday night by the White House.

The fallout, said Stavridis, bleeds into domestic politics, fueling the firestorm over Trump's relationship with Putin and Russian Federation.