May in G20 crossfire as Trump faces his critics

  • May in G20 crossfire as Trump faces his critics

May in G20 crossfire as Trump faces his critics

They noted that concerns over job losses and lower standards due to global trade - which have prompted US President Donald Trump to take a protectionist stance - should be tackled by "bolstering an open and fair rules-based multilateral trading system". Last month she gave only a soft slap on the wrist to Trump's reckless act: "but with her global reputation in the balance, she must publicly show that on climate change she has far more in common with the rest of the world than with Donald Trump and join other leaders in defending and advancing the Paris Agreement".

In an interview Sunday with the BBC, the celebrated British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking warned that President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement will cause "avoidable environmental damage". The accord, which includes almost 200 countries, aims to curb greenhouse-gas emissions and support clean energy projects. California alone could have a real impact on USA climate policy given its size and industry. Either way, it can be discussed in San Francisco next year.

It was pretty easy to see that pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change was a boneheaded move when the only other nations not involved were out for unrelated reasons or because they didn't think it was strict enough.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Most recently, Brown has traveled to China as America's unofficial climate ambassador, the newspaper reported.

The annual Global Citizen Festival has drawn huge crowds and featured remarks from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Norweigan Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Argentinian President Mauricio Macri, along with performances from Coldplay, Shakira, Pharrell Williams and others.

A month after jeopardising the pathbreaking Paris Climate Agreement, US President Donald Trump is set to meet world leaders at the G20 Summit 2017 in Germany tomorrow.

Asked how the summit would be paid for and if public money would be used, a governor's spokesman responded that the funding details had not been determined. "Despite rejection in Washington, California is all in".

Reports now say the Paris agreement could be at stake as it is unlikely that other countries would be ready to share the financial and emission burden, which was to be previously shared by the US.