Hundreds still in emergency accommodation after Grenfell Tower fire

  • Hundreds still in emergency accommodation after Grenfell Tower fire

Hundreds still in emergency accommodation after Grenfell Tower fire

Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy said officers had been "meticulously" sifting through 15.5 tonnes (17 tons) of debris by hand for human remains following the June 14 blaze.

"The offers being made, either they are out of borough in Queen's Park, SW3 or Mozart Estate, or they are unsuitable, with a view on Grenfell Tower for example", she said.

So far police have spoken to at least one person from 106 of the 129 flats in the building.

Survivors at the session were asking for information about those who are missing.

British authorities say they won't prosecute anyone who unlawfully sublet apartments in the west London tower block before it was devastated by fire.

Javid, a cabinet minister, said that "supporting those affected by the tragic events at Grenfell Tower has been the absolute priority of the government".

The meticulous task will take "many months", he said.

"Such is the devastation caused by the fire that it may be that, tragically, we can not find or identify all those who lost their lives".

"Until formal identification has been completed to the coroner's satisfaction, I can not say how many people have now been recovered", he said.

"We assume that sadly no one from any of those flats survived", Cundy said.

Survivors and relatives told the media the two-hour meeting with police had been very upsetting, with several leaving before it was over, angry that the recovery process was taking so long.

He went on: "In some cases the people on the ground, offering these families support, have made clear that it would be inappropriate at this time to ask them to make a decision about where they live". They have been offered a property in a different borough but he was anxious they could not afford the rent. I am trying to be as flexible as I can.

"Some might choose to remain in hotels until they have an offer of permanent tenancy", he added.

The company responsible for Grenfell Tower's fire alarms is at the centre of a fraud investigation over work it undertook for Hackney Council.

Details of the council move, which follows heavy criticism of the their response to the disaster, will be confirmed in a written statement to MPs. The new arrangements are being undertaken with the consent of the new council leadership rather than being imposed.

Kensington and Chelsea Council has faced anger for its slow response to the fire, as well as over alleged cost-cutting during the renovations that covered the tower in flammable aluminium cladding.