House Republicans Give Trump $1.6B in Wall Funding Before Break

  • House Republicans Give Trump $1.6B in Wall Funding Before Break

House Republicans Give Trump $1.6B in Wall Funding Before Break

Open borders lawyers with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) - representing illegal aliens in court - are demanding the Republican Congress hold up the border wall expenditure. But the GOP rank and file balked, so Republicans devised a smaller bill anchored by the Pentagon budget, funding for veterans programs, and money for the wall.

Donald Trump was very vocal about building the wall in his presidential campaign. But he had said he would make Mexico pay for it.

"It is a massive waste of taxpayer money and will exacerbate problems with our already broken immigration system".

But he vows to obtain the money in the current round of spending bills, for the fiscal year beginning in October, and the impasse could lead to a government shutdown later this year.

The spending bill also includes $78.3 billion for veterans' care and an nearly $1 billion increase for nuclear weapons activities at the Energy Department to modernize the nuclear arsenal, AP reported. And despite the political appeal of the fence for Trump partisans, opponents say a wall interferes with property rights of landowners along the border, is too expensive, and damages the environment.

On Thursday, House Republicans approved a $1.6 billion down payment on a wall along the U.S.

The generous increase in defense spending, nearly US$60 billion more than the existing budget and almost US$30 billion higher than Trump's budget, could disappear next year if a bipartisan agreement to raise budget "caps" set by a 2011 budget pact is not met.

"The wall will not work and we will not be able to debate that fully", said No. 2 House Democrat Steny Hoyer of Maryland. Democrats have lots of leverage because their votes are needed to pass the funding measures.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have said those corridors are most in need of barriers, and said they'll come back in future years to build other segments. "Instead of giving certainty to our heroes in uniform, this bill would breach the sequester spending limit by more than $70 billion, forcing a mandatory 13 percent cut to all defense accounts", she said.

The $658 billion defense spending legislation was $27 billion more than Trump's budget request, and would provide the military additional fighter jets, ships, helicopters and troops that the Pentagon had requested.