Fumes Force Evacuation of Major FAA ATC Center

  • Fumes Force Evacuation of Major FAA ATC Center

Fumes Force Evacuation of Major FAA ATC Center

An emergency evacuation of a FAA facility in Leesburg, Virginia is impacting flights at Richmond International Airport. It had to be evacuated for about three hours, so flights on the ground stayed grounded, and other facilities handled the airborne flights.

Fumes from nearby construction got into the control room at the Washington Center in Leesburg, Va., which handles high-altitude flights for the region, the FAA said.

Controllers resumed operations at about 9:30 p.m., but hundreds of flights were delayed or disrupted in the intervening time.

At around 9:30pm, the control center was able to resume flight operations after the facility was ventilated by the local fire department.

It directs air traffic for Dulles International, Reagan National and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall, including flights in Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey.

But delays and cancellations varied depending on the airport and airline, with some D.C. -bound travelers forced to spend the night. "The airlines have been working to rebook those customers that were affected by the canceled flights", BWI-Marshall spokesman Jonathan Dean said.

Norfolk International Airport is experiencing delays because of the issues at the facility.