Apple discontinues iPod Nano, Shuffle

  • Apple discontinues iPod Nano, Shuffle

Apple discontinues iPod Nano, Shuffle

An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that both the products have met their end and have been officially discontinued.

The iPod Touch allows its users to connect to the internet over WiFi and browse the internet as well as use social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and iMessage or Facetime their friends. The move was made to appease iPod fans, as the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle have been discontinued.

Apple no longer sells the most recent iPod Nano model. The nano, meanwhile, was introduced later in the year as a replacement for the iPod mini. It received its last revision two years ago, whereas the Shuffle has been identical since way back in 2010. They also lacked the capacity to play songs from the company's streaming service, Apple Music.

Apple still offers the iPod Touch but, running on iOS, but this can be thought of as a 4-inch iPad or a wi-fi iPhone unlike Apple's original consumer devices.

The products were two of the most affordable items in Apple's lineup, with the Nano starting at $149 and the Shuffle starting at $49. These are the only two options available to iPod touch customers as the company has chose to discontinue the 64GB model as well. If you're still trying to purchase one while they last, there is a minimal selection available at certain retailers like Best Buy and they will be sold until they go out of stock. You can get your hands on the iPod Touch from Apple's online store. The legacies of the iPod Nano and Shuffle will live on in our memories.

People commonly listen to music on their smartphones now, but the original iPod was the first Apple device other than computers, which led to the development of the iPhone. The iPhone was launched in 2007 and that was when the iPod sales stopped climbing year after year.