Aaron Carter cries, cites 9/11 in defense of his DUI arrest

  • Aaron Carter cries, cites 9/11 in defense of his DUI arrest

Aaron Carter cries, cites 9/11 in defense of his DUI arrest

Former teen pop star Aaron Carter has given his first tearful interview after being arrested for driving under the influence and drug charges two days ago.

Although a motorcyclist reported that Carter was "swerving all over the road", the singer vowed that the issue was a problem with the tire's alignment - and nothing more. "I'm a professional too, so be quiet.' And then I said, 'OK'".

"[They] forcefully grabbed me out", he claims. "I$3 stepped outside. I say, 'I invoke the right to speak to my attorney, ' and they disregarded that, they revoked that immediately".

"They could call and say, 'Hey, we're anxious about you".

Following his recent DUI arrest on Saturday night, Aaron Carter is telling his side of the story by recounting his version of the events that night. Carter added that he was driving because he hasn't been comfortable flying since witnessing the terrorist attacks in NY on 9/11.

Aaron, who was arrested with girlfriend Madison Parker in Georgia last Saturday, explained the auto he bought for his tour was in bad shape and he even had to stay up to guard the vehicle because the doors wouldn't lock properly.

"The 29-year-old singer - and younger brother of Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame - was arrested on a Georgia highway on Sunday after another motorist called 911 to report that he was "driving all over the road". Because, he reiterated, "I do not drink alcohol at all". He stamped out those rumors too, denying that he has ever smoked meth, crack cocaine or heroin (and he experimented with Ecstasy only "a couple of times" as a teenager).

"This body shaming must end now!"

A rep for Carter told People magazine that he has "nothing against the police" and understands they were doing their job, but was protective of Parker, who had never been arrested before.

As far as those who have called Carter out for being a drug addict, he wants them to know it "hurts real bad" to have people claiming something that he feels isn't true.

"I don't need help", he added. He added that he is heartbroken by the statements of other people regarding his appearance noting that he only looked like that because he has been guarding his vehicle and his girlfriend for the past four days before the arrest and that he was just doing the best that he can to get to all his appearances so he drives all over the country.