We don't deserve Wonder Woman

What separates WONDER WOMAN from all super hero films before it? The last few years have seen progress for women, most notably Rey's introduction to the Star Wars universe and the fantastic Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae in Hidden Figures, as well as Ava Duvernay taking the helm of A Wrinkle in Time.

Fans who follow Oprah on Instagram and Twitter accounts got a behind-the-scenes look at what went into planning the superhero bash, from the menu to costumes, giving us all a healthy dose of FOMO in the process.

Wonder Woman is easily the best DCEU movie so far and the best superhero movie since The Winter Soldier.

Doctor Poison is only a supporting villain in Wonder Woman, but she still manages to make quite the impact in the movie.

"Another girl very seriously asked the teacher if she could ditch her uniform for the Wonder Woman armour bc she 'wanted to be ready if she needed to save the world.' The teacher laughed and said it was okay, and the next day the girl came dressed as Wonder Woman and not a single kid batted an eye".

All of this begs the question, is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman film artistically deserving of so much praise, or is it just a feminist response to a movie with a female lead directed by a woman?

On Tuesday, the famed TV personality gave us major FOMO by sharing the news that she was holding a themed party based on the hit Marvel movie.

It's no longer a man's world when it comes to being an action movie hero.

Sarah Brock, the woman behind the multiple looks of Gadot's Wonder Woman character, has taken to social media to share the products she used and tips on how to achieve the striking looks.

"Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins has referenced this Christover Reeve classic as inspiration for her 2017 classic. Lynda Carter Defends Wonder Woman's Honor In Light Of The U.N.'s Criticism Lynda Carter defends Wonder Woman's legacy in light of U.N. criticism. I've shared with my daughters my love of comic books and the history - continuity, for you nerds out there - of the various characters and universes.

"Until seeing Wonder Woman on the screen Rosie didn't have a role-model that she could truly identify as the ideal combination of both "tough" and "soft". Not only was it a great superhero film overall, but it was also a great superhero film about the most iconic female hero of all time. There's a naiveté to the character of Diana, who has spent her entire life sheltered on an island full of women. Based on DC Comics character Diana Prince, "Wonder Woman", smashed records garnering an estimated $100.5 million in its USA opening. "Because we [took the photo] against a half-built set, in a way sets were still being built at that point". Wonder Woman chooses love over wrath. She adds, however, that no one real person can foot that all too ambitious bill, either. The latest "Wonder Woman" still portrays women as sex symbols with their scanty attire.