UT alumnus working for Rep. Roger Williams injured in shooting

A staff member for Texas Rep. Roger Williams who was shot at Wednesday morning's congressional baseball practice is "okay", according to a post on his Facebook page.

A staffer for U.S. Rep. Roger Williams was among those shot and wounded when a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball practice, and Williams himself hurt his ankle - but the other three Republican Texas congressmen. The gunman has been detained and at this time we do not have any further information but will continue to release it as it comes to surface.

Please keep the member of my staff and all members of the congressional baseball team in your thoughts in prayers during this extremely hard time.

A gunman fired on members of Congress practicing baseball Wednesday morning.

Several other people were wounded, including a congressional staff member and law enforcement personnel.

Shots rang out around 8 a.m. ET during Wednesday's baseball practice for Republican congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. North Texas Representatives Joe Barton and Roger Williams coach and manage the team and are also safe.

A person reportedly asked someone if the congressmen playing on the field in Alexandria were Republicans or Democrats before the attack. Two Capitol police officers and a lobbyist were also shot.

Practice for the game began in late April, with players meeting every day at 6:30 a.m.to prepare for the game. It has not been announced yet whether or not the game will be postponed or cancelled due to the shooting. Conaway, Williams and Brady are safe, according to their offices.