Trump waives law requiring embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Palestinian stone-throwers, many of whom are minors, face harsh penalties by Israeli authorities, including up to 20 years in prison if charged with throwing stones at vehicles and a minimum prison sentence of three years for throwing a stone at an Israeli.

Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the USA who now serves as deputy minister for diplomacy in the Netanyahu government, was among those who put pressure on Trump during his recent trip to Israel to follow through on his promise.

Palestinian leaders are cheering the move.

President Donald Trump at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017.

"The president is being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact the peace process", Tillerson said.

The move, which the White House said was made in an effort to spur peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials, was expected but breaks with a promise Trump made during the 2016 campaign.

"We are ready to start the consultation process with the USA administration", he said after Trump's announcement. "I am personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement".

A Palestinian official has welcomed Trump's decision not to move the U.S. embassy.

Shifting the US Embassy would be widely seen as Washington's recognition of the Israeli position on Jerusalem's status, which successive US administrations have said must be decided in negotiations between the two sides.

Trump promised throughout the 2016 campaign that he would move the U.S. embassy from to Jerusalem, an action the Israeli government has long advocated.

Trump promised throughout the 2016 campaign that he would move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an action the Israeli government has long advocated.

The pro-Western kingdom had warned that such a move was a "red line" that it would bolster extremists if crossed. While Jordan has since given up the claim to those territories, their global status remains in limbo, with Palestinians asserting the right to statehood and claiming East Jerusalem as their rightful capital.

More than half of Jordan's citizens are of Palestinian descent.

Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed Momani said Thursday that "we strongly welcome the decision and highly value the message it is sending".

However, Islamic Hamas movement, the rival of Abbas slammed the decision of Trump, saying "it is meaningless".

Cabinet Minister Yuval Steinitz says the refusal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital makes no sense. Israel considers all of the city its indivisible capital.

Trump did not discuss the waiver publicly during his visit to Jerusalem late last month.

He said leaving foreign embassies in Tel Aviv is "a surrender to unfair Arab and Muslim pressure".

Trump had vowed during his presidential campaign that he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds, a step that would enrage Palestinians and create an global furor.

One senior administration official said the final decision hasn't been officially made, but that paperwork to both keep the embassy in Tel Aviv and move it to Jerusalem has been presented to the West Wing for Trump's approval.