Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations

  • Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations

Trump takes another swipe at CNN following resignations

Bonifield said that CNN would have turned off its liberal viewers if the network strongly scrutinized former President Barack Obama, but Trump is "good for business".

President Donald Trump is using the resignations of three CNN journalists involved in a retracted Russia-related story to rail against media credibility.

"Wow, CNN had to retract a big story on "Russia", with 3 employees forced to resign".

Trump has made CNN one of his biggest mainstream media targets, unleashing particular aggression on its stories and journalists while dismissing them as "fake news".

It claimed that Scaramucci met with the head of a Russian investment fund in the weeks leading up to Trump's inauguration as US President.

One social media exchange about the CNN story indicated how feelings about the network were running strong among Trump supporters.

On Friday night, CNN removed the story from its site.

President Donald Trump resumed beating his "fake news!" drum Tuesday, citing CNN after the network retracted a story about alleged ties between Trump's allies and Russian Federation.

Thomas Frank, who reported the story; Eric Lichtblau, who recently joined CNN from The New York Times and edited the piece; and Lex Haris, the executive editor of "CNN Investigates", have all resigned in the aftermath of the retraction.

CNN, however, has not concluded that "the facts of the story were necessarily wrong", saying that "the story wasn't solid enough to publish as-is", the correspondent said, citing people involved in the investigation.

The retracted story connected Anthony Scaramucci, a top Trump ally, to a Russian investment fund run by a bank controlled by the Kremlin. "Classy move. Apology accepted", he tweeted. "Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on", Scaramucci responded via Twitter.

Trump tweeted that "they caught Fake News CNN cold". The retracted story had said the Senate investigations committee was looking into a January 16 discussion between Scaramucci and Kirill Dmitriev, whose Russian Direct Investment Fund guides investments by US entities in Russia. The email went out on Saturday morning from Rich Barbieri, CNNMoney's executive editor, saying: "No one should publish any content involving Russian Federation without coming to me and Jason (Farkas, a CNN vice president)".

While the video is indeed embarrassing to CNN, there have been no reports of management changes in the works, and it is too early to say whether or not CNN's ratings will decline as a result of the videos.

A spokesperson for CNN said it had accepted the resignations of the three employees.