Trump pushes for peace in ME

President Trump wraps Mideast trip after Bethlehem, Jerusalem meetingsU.S. President Donald Trump wrapped up his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories on Tuesday after meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and delivering a keynote address in Jerusalem. This most recent expected offer would represent a significant shift in Palestinian strategy as they were willing to give up only 1.9 percent of their territory during the last round of negotiations in 2014.

At least 20 more Palestinians were shot and injured across the West Bank by Israeli forces suppressing demonstrations in support of Palestinian hunger strikers. The Trump Administration is said to be trying to put together a "common set of principles" from which everyone can negotiate.

Mr Abbas is an unpopular leader, according to polls, and the Palestinian political landscape is split between his Fatah party and Hamas, the Islamist movement that is in control in the Gaza Strip and opposes negotiations with Israel.

It is fine to want Israel to have peace, but what about the Palestinians?

Both sides are wary of being accused of resisting Trump's peace efforts or being cast as obstructing the resumption of talks.

President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith.

Washington:Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the USA has increased its military aid to Tel Aviv by tens of millions of dollars.

The Israeli right welcomed the lack of reference to two- state solution or creation of a Palestinian state in Trump's speech much to the disappointment of several Palestinians.

"Our Palestinian people's attainment of their freedom and independence is key to peace and stability in the world", said the 82-year-old Mr. Abbas, whose popularity among Palestinians has been declining.

Israel continues to seize Palestinian land for Jewish-only colonization and to violently suppress the Palestinian population with no consequences from the United States. "It symbolically recognizes Israel's historical ties to Jerusalem and its claim of sovereignty", Jim Phillips, senior Middle East research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told Xinhua.

"Making peace, however, will not be easy", Mr Trump told an audience of Israeli politicians and other dignitaries at the Israel Museum yesterday.

Trump pledged USA aid for the investigation into the attack in a telephone call Tuesday with British prime minister Theresa May. But it's clear that, if such a test existed, Donald Trump would not be president - which he proved at a press conference in Israel on May 22.

Ambassador Ron Dermer, who was among a group of dignitaries seated in the meeting, clearly displayed his emotions after Mr Trump carried on his speech by saying, "We've just got back from the Middle East".