The UK's Queen's Speech Delayed for Most British Reason Ever

  • The UK's Queen's Speech Delayed for Most British Reason Ever

The UK's Queen's Speech Delayed for Most British Reason Ever

Another reason the speech may have been delayed is reportedly because the speech is traditionally written on goat's skin parchment, meaning that it can take a few days to dry.

Only marginally short of the magic figure, Theresa May has the option of accepting support from the 10-member Northern Ireland Unionists but that support will only come at a price which she may willy nilly have to accept.

The Conservative leader failed to secure an overall majority and saw her leadership substantially undermined.

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Mrs May's most senior minister, First Secretary of State Damien Green, said: "Obviously until we have that we can't agree the final details of the Queen's Speech".

This could pave the way for another General Election as Mrs May would be unable to pass any laws through the Commons.

With the Conservative Party still hammering out demands from the DUP, it is unlikely May would be able to finalize the Queen's Speech in time to start this process.

However, what this delay suggests is that Theresa May is not on top of her brief and this minority government is already facing difficulties.

The spokesperson told a media briefing in Westminster that Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom will soon be releasing confirmation of the date.

Monday June 19 has been in the Queen's diary for months and moving it could mean either a week long delay or forcing the Monarch to miss a trip to Ascot

"There was a real sense around the Cabinet table today, as you would expect from centre right politicians, that that is the primacy we're looking for", she told BBC News.

The speech, which heralds the opening of Parliament and sets out the agenda for the government was to made on Monday, June 19.

During the election campaign, the prime minister and the Brexit secretary, David Davis, repeatedly warned that talks would start "just 11 days after the election".

Currently, the Tories and the DUP are considering a "confidence and supply" arrangement which would see the loyalist party back the Government to get its Budget through and on confidence motions.

The EU has said that Brexit talks need to make sufficient progress before trade deals can be discussed, though Britain had argued the discussions should take place simultaneously.

He told the programme: "In the first round we are going to have pretty long meetings at roughly one week a month - which is much, much faster than any previous trade deal they have done".

Brexit Secretary David Davis earlier suggested the negotiations with the European Union may have to be moved. "That's certainly something I will emphasis in any contacts that I have with Prime Minister May", he said.

The Queen's procession to the Chamber of the House of Lords, where she takes the throne and delivers her speech, will also be reduced with no heralds present.

Michael Gove, who has been reaclled to the cabinet from the backbenches as the new environment secretary, has signalled his support for Theresa May.