State adds jobs, unemployment rate holds at 3.1 percent

  • State adds jobs, unemployment rate holds at 3.1 percent

State adds jobs, unemployment rate holds at 3.1 percent

Houston's unemployment rate is a bit higher than the state's at 5.1 percent. The McAllen-Edinburg-Mission area had the state's highest jobless rate during May at 7.5 percent, TWC officials said. Jobs in state government were up by 5,000, local government jobs increased 1,300 and federal government jobs were up by 400.

Iowa's unemployment rate compared to a rate of 3.8 percent a year ago.

Over the year, Georgia gained a total of 103,100 jobs, a 2.4 percent growth rate, up from 4.36 million in May 2016.

"Manufacturing added 2,300 jobs this month to help ease some of the recent losses plaguing this sector", Kelly said.

The preliminary job estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate MA added 2,900 jobs in May. That left the state's overall unemployment rate unchanged over the month at 3.7 percent. A lack of job opportunities drove many North Carolinians out of the job market during the Great Recession and although the state and nation had been making progress in bringing people back, that momentum has stalled over the past year. As the number of employed residents rose, the number of jobless residents declined by 6,021 to 246,348.

The District's unemployment rate ticked up in May from 5.9 percent to 6 percent.

Since April, there was a 0.1 percent increase in unemployment, statewide. In May 2016 it was 3.7 percent.

Civilian labor force statistics include nonmilitary workers and unemployed Kentuckians who are actively seeking work. Leisure and hospitality posted the largest decrease, followed by professional and business services.