'Shut up, slave!': Spilled Starbucks drink leads to racist tirade and fight

  • 'Shut up, slave!': Spilled Starbucks drink leads to racist tirade and fight

'Shut up, slave!': Spilled Starbucks drink leads to racist tirade and fight

A Chicago man was charged with battery, after he went on a racist rant in a Starbucks Tuesday.

According to Chicago police, 23-year-old William Boucher "became irate" after someone spilled a drink on him inside the Starbucks on Tuesday afternoon.

Bystanders, including the man who was spit on, detained Boucher near the Starbucks until officers arrived to arrest him, police said.

He "became irate and exited the business onto the sidewalk where he punched a 59-year-old male unprovoked and spit on a 30-year-old male and 34-year-old female", police said.

The 59-year-old man he's seen punching was treated at a nearby hospital for an eye injury.

"In an ironic twist given the allegations and the video footage, William Boucher had, in January of 2016, posted in defense of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman who was kicked out of a pro-Donald Trump rally".

A Starbucks employee appears to intervene, standing between Boucher and the unidentified man. I am really not sure how you're going about your day calling a grown black person a slave, but I'd recommend that ol' boy tread carefully with that one.

Boucher has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery after the incident outside the Starbucks on West Lake Street.

It wasn't immediately clear who spilled the coffee.

Video of part of the incident shows a white man spitting at a black man, telling him his children are "disposable vermin" and calling a second black man a slave.

Outside, Boucher walked up to an unidentified black man videotaping the incident. One bystander stood between Boucher and the unidentified black man as the two appeared to try to fight.

"Your children are disposable vermin!"

"Get on all fours right".

According to DNAinfo, Boucher refused to comment in a phone call because of legal issues regarding his upcoming court date. Thankfully witnesses subdued the man and kept him on the ground until helped arrived.

"When I was coming to work, I was not expecting to see that", Torres said.