Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care

  • Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care

Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care

That move apparently compelled McCaskill to bring it up during a Senate finance committee hearing Thursday. All across America - in offices, living rooms, and even bars that opened their doors early to accommodate those who felt like nursing a beer during the morning's proceedings - all eyes were on Mr. Comey.

Fear is evidently centered on whether to keep some of Obamacare's "regulatory structure" and a "more generous wind-down" of Medicaid's expansion, with Paul's and Lee's potential "no" votes putting more pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to make sure Sens.

Senate Republicans are weighing the option to combine health care reform and tax cuts into one bill, congressional sources told People's Pundit Daily.

When asked if he would support keeping Obamacare taxes, Sen. On Thursday, the GOP-controlled House voted 233-186 in favor of the Financial Choice Act, sending the bill to the Senate for the upper chamber to tackle.

In this vein, Sen. Under the budget reconciliation rules, McConnell needs only a simple majority to pass the bill.

"We're closer because there's a proposal out there, and this gives everybody the opportunity to weigh in, including me, whereas when it was just a wide-open discussion it was hard to come up with any consensus", he said. "We don't even know", an exasperated McCaskill said during the hearing. At this point in an article like this, it would usually be customary to lay out the details of what will be in the Senate version of the AHCA, but we simply can't. But Senator Lindsey Graham seems to have driven the final nail in the coffin, saying that the bill will definitely not pass through the Senate, and blaming the House Republicans starting at 6:20 in the following clip from "Face The Nation".

"I think we should repeal all of the Obamacare taxes", Toomey said.

Moderate Republican senators from Medicaid expansion states are dropping their opposition to ending the Affordable Care Act's enhanced federal funding for expansion as they embrace the idea of winding down that funding over several years. Perfect. Oh, and lets not forget that Trumpcare also ends Medicaid expansion by 2020.

While McConnell's recommendation appears to be the leading plan as of now, the issue is still being debated as conservatives want a lower growth rate for the per person funding cap and moderates are calling for a more gradual reduction in Medicaid funding reduction. However, it does look like Senate Republicans are leaning towards maintaining the ACA's insitance that insurers provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

But before they can vote on their version of a health care bill, Senate Republicans need to finalize one. We must not allow this to happen. Under the AHCA, people living with HIV only stand to lose.