Officers in Seattle fatal shooting had crisis training

  • Officers in Seattle fatal shooting had crisis training

Officers in Seattle fatal shooting had crisis training

The fatal shooting of a pregnant woman in the vicinity of her children by Seattle police on Sunday, along with last week's acquittal of a Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black man, has reignited nationwide criticism of police violence. Laurie Davis, an aunt of Charleena Lyles, cries and hugs another family member as several dozen people attend a vigil outside the apartment building where Charleena lived, Sunday, June 18, 2017. "I think that's what my family wants too".

The sister of Lyles, Monika Williams, noted that the officers might have racially profiled Lyles and it contributed to the decision to shoot her. When officials arrived, Lyles reportedly talked about the break-in then suddenly came at the officer with a knife.

Lyles was black, and Isabell said he's frustrated with police killing black people across the country. The Seattle Police Department said in a statement that the two officers who opened fire on the pregnant woman performed first aid while they waited for emergency responders with the Seattle Fire Department.

The transcript of the police recording released by authorities shows that one of them said "get back" and "Tase her" and the other officer replied: "I don't have a taser".

According to King County jail records, Lyles was arrested and charged with obstruction of a public officer and harassment of a law enforcement officer on June 5.

The transcript released by police late Monday shows that one of the officers also said "we need help" and they were facing "a woman with two knives".

She was released from jail on June 14 on the condition that she check-in twice a week with a case manager and possess no weapons. "She had mental health issues that nobody is trying to address".

"She started talking all insane about how the officers weren't going to leave and she had a pair of scissors", one officer says.

If people have concerns about an interaction with a Spokane officer, they should immediately call a supervisor, he said. They asked her about the video game console she was reporting stolen.

On the dashcam audio of Sunday's incident, officers can be heard greeting Lyles and asking questions about the burglary report.

But asked if he had anything he wanted local community members who may be frightened or grieving to know, he spoke about the department's training efforts on de-escalation, implicit bias, procedural justice and responding to people having mental health crises. "They are unharmed, they are being taken care of right now", he said. An audio recording of the police officers talking before the encounter showed that they were aware of the cautious parameters around her.

One of the officers also clarified that Lyles was the woman with three kids and the other officer confirmed.

"How is she a f***ing threat?"

The headline from NBC News that was posted on has some people unhappy about what was written because it did not include information about her allegedly coming at police with a knife.

Both officers remain on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, in accordance with department protocol.

One officer asks, "You said it was an Xbox that was taken?"

Hundreds of people turned out for a protest march Tuesday night, and responses from the city's mayoral candidates after Lyles was killed included calls for improved mental health systems, further changes in police training and demands for transparency in the shooting's investigation.