No longer out of bounds: Trump allies question Mueller probe

Lawmakers, including Al Franken of Minnesota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, have asked the FBI to investigate and to determine if Sessions committed perjury when he denied having had meetings with Russians. "They say it's unlikely. problem for White House officials saying Trump won't fire Mueller, as Ruddy said may happen, is they have little idea what he will do". In several more broader senses, however, he does.

Since being appointed special counsel in May, he has built a team of formidable legal minds who've worked on everything from Watergate to Enron. However, these are not in normal circumstances.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions heatedly denied on Tuesday having an undisclosed meeting with Russia's ambassador to the USA and declared it was a "detestable and appalling lie" to suggest he was aware of or took part in any collusion between Russian Federation and the election campaign that sent Donald Trump to the White House.

Rosenstein was testifying hours ahead of a separate Senate appearance by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was expected to face sharp questions from his former colleagues about his role in Comey's firing, his Russian contacts during the campaign and his decision to step aside from the investigation involving Moscow and the Trump campaign.

In the PBS interview, Ruddy said Trump had considered replacing Comey with Mueller, who served as Federal Bureau of Investigation director during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

But there are several big caveats here. "And when asked I said that to the president".

Comey said Trump told Sessions and other administration officials to leave the room before Trump asked him in February to drop a probe into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian Federation.

BRENNAN: President Trump ignored questions about Mueller's fate.

Any finding that could arise against the President would have another hurdle - a longstanding Justice Department stance against indicting a sitting president.

Ruddy appeared to be basing his remarks, at least in part, on comments from Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, who told ABC in an interview Sunday that he was "not going to speculate" on whether Trump might at some point order Rosenstein to fire Mueller.

It's one thing to support Trump, but another to be hypocritical of everything that may implicate him of a crime.

Monday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity", during his "Opening Monologue" segment, host Sean Hannity on two occasions called for the special counsel probe headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be shut down. Richardson refused and resigned, as did Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus.

Justice Department Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben donated in 2008 to a political action committee for then-Democratic presidential candidate as well as a PAC for in 2006.

"We could then have a repeat of the Saturday Night Massacre or the Sally Yates Massacre", she said.

On the one hand, Nixon's decision to fire the special prosecutor by brute force was nearly universally condemned, and it's generally regarded as one of the major turning points against the president during the Watergate scandal. I think if they did fire him, it would be a mistake.

On the other hand, 2017 is a different time from 1973.

President Trump's supporters have a history of manufacturing story lines to undermine opponents.