No bail for Justice Karnan says SC

  • No bail for Justice Karnan says SC

No bail for Justice Karnan says SC

"We can not override the earlier order of the seven judge bench, neither do we intend to", said a Supreme Court vacation bench of justices YV Chandrachud and SK Kaul while rejecting Karnan's bail plea.

Karnan, who retired in disgrace as a Calcutta High Court judge, was arrested in Coimbatore on Tuesday evening.

A calm and smiling Mr. Karnan waved to the crowd and the media at airport as the police escorted him out of the premises. He was whisked away by the police when the reporters tried to approach him. "The initial formalities after the arrest including the medical check up, has been completed", the official said.

Justice Karnan was arrested by the Kolkata police in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu yesterday. The need for protecting the integrity and people's trust in such an institution need not be overemphasised, which takes us to the question whether the lessons have been learned? "When such a senior person is involved we can't treat him like an ordinary criminal", he said.

It was learnt that the 62-year-old Karnan's blood pressure was found to be quite high and doctors at the Presidency correctional home prescribed him to be taken to the state-run SSKM hospital for further check-up.

Three days after the sentence, Karnan had moved the apex court for staying his arrest.

Justice Karnan angrily responded by ordering similar tests for the seven top court judges. "It binds everybody. It binds us also". We in vacation can not override it.

He finally took charge as a judge of Calcutta High Court after a meeting with the then Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Thakur. The stick was necessary to send a message to possible future contemnors and to convince the public at large that judiciary was not biased when it came to contempt of court by its own officers, say others. "You mention the matter before the bench of chief justice".

The submissions did not impress the bench which declined to entertain his plea.

The Supreme Court has refused to grant bail to Justice C S Karnan.

The first serving judge to be jailed for contempt ever in India, Karnan retired earlier this month.

Karnan had said the Contempt of Courts Act was a "cathartic jurisprudence which belonged to the Dark Ages, the era of inquisition and torture, distinct from the classical Roman Law which constitutes the foundation of modern jurisprudence".

"I am seeking only a stay". One of the biggest scandals in Indian Judicial History has been put to rest for now. He has embarrassed his colleagues in Madras High Court and after that he was transferred and it was thought that he will be chastened, but his behaviour went on from bad to worse.

The apex court confirmed that Karnan must serve his sentence of 6 months in jail, which had been given to him by the court in May.

Article 137 empowers the Supreme Court to reconsider and modify its own orders.