Niantic Is Giving Pokemon Go Cheaters A Mark of Shame

  • Niantic Is Giving Pokemon Go Cheaters A Mark of Shame

Niantic Is Giving Pokemon Go Cheaters A Mark of Shame

Meanwhile, the "Pokemon GO" raid update officially went live and players can now square off an insanely buffed Pokemon boss provided that they've reached level 35 or higher. Back in May, users started to see the rise of users being shadowbanned, where they weren't finding Pokemon beyond common species at spawnpoints, and getting flagged for reasons such as using deprecated API calls. This Pokemon may not work as they are expected to be.

On The Silph Road, which is a forum created on Reddit, Niantic posted a text that said they want to make sure Pokemon GO stays the fun and fair game for all the trainers. During the first few months of the augmented reality game's release, the Pokemon GO team limited access to 3rd-party apps.

Niantic didn't announce that specific anti-cheat measure, though it did confirm that cheaters could see their games impacted in negative ways. Below is a screenshot of how an inventory of "Pokemon" caught via cheats appears.

Since its launch previous year, Pokemon Go has been plagued by issues that revolve around the cheating techniques that make the game extremely easy for the players. This all could mean that gray area tools such as the Go-Tcha, which spoof being a Pokemon GO Plus wristband, could be harder to use. They can do this through making the "Pokemon" evolve.

Players can now make the slash in the "Pokemon" caught through "Pokemon Go" hacks and cheats disappear. Instead of being based on Prestige, gyms will now only allow a maximum of six Pokemon, and only one of each type. It's not clear if this is definitely the timeframe, as Niantic could have a slow rollout of the new features. However, some players are still trying to find a way to best the anti-cheat measures, Shack News reports.