Local Jurisdictions Will Receive Federal Help With Violent Crime

  • Local Jurisdictions Will Receive Federal Help With Violent Crime

Local Jurisdictions Will Receive Federal Help With Violent Crime

According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, there was an overall increase of 5.3 percent in the number of violent crimes in the United States for the first six months of 2016, compared with the same period in 2015.

Memphis is one of 12 cities in the country that will receive federal help with fighting violent crime.

"Our nation's violent-crime rate is rising". The new PSP program comes on the heels of President Trump's February executive order on public safety. But the department will send agency employees and experts to work with them to develop strategies and tactics to best fight violent crime, Sessions said.

"We're always looking for resources", Mr. Rallings said, citing the city's 2016 homicide rate, its highest since 1993.

Most prominently, Mr. Sessions last month announced a new policy on charging and sentencing, directing federal prosecutors to be maximally tough and pursue the most serious possible charges, even when they may carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. Non-fatal shootings have increased 64 percent from 2014 to 2016, and drive-by shootings are up 51 percent from past year. Drive-by shootings are up 51 percent from past year.

Other cities chosen include Indianapolis, Indiana; Memphis, Tennessee; Toledo, Ohio; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Buffalo, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Jackson, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; Lansing, Michigan; and Springfield, Illinois.

Members of the Department, along with Kemper, spent part of the week in Maryland for the National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety along with the 11 other selected cities.

Tuesday's event was the first time the Justice Department's top two officials have appeared publicly since their high-profile hearings on Capitol Hill last week, in which they faced tough questioning on the Russian Federation investigation.

The newly created National Public Safety Partnership program will assist prosecutors and local law enforcement, including by providing "diagnostics teams" to assess the factors driving crime at the local level.

FOX13 showed the Depart of Justice announcement to Mike Ryall, deputy director of the Memphis Police Department.

The help from the federal programming is welcomed but needs to be creative in the attempt to help communities heal, said Damon Daniel, president of the AdHoc Group Against Crime.