Liam Gallagher felt like Elvis in Wall of Glass video

Check out Liam's new single, below. Live4ever's Alberto Pezzali soaked up a raucous atmosphere for our latest gallery. I mean, listen, I mean I prefer to be in Oasis.

Gallagher starts his summer of festival appearances tomorrow before more headline gigs in Dublin and Glasgow. 'There's some calmer tunes, there's definitely some in your face bangers.' With his iconic voice and irascible attitude as strong as ever, the solo career of the younger Gallagher brother will hotly followed by old and new fans.

There's the issue that brother Noel and Liam Gallagher don't speak anymore and there's also a scheduling conflict because Liam is playing in Germany on the same night.

"Because people of my age have let themselves go, you know, and they're kinda fat, balding idiots with fading talent, too", Noel continued.

Speaking to BBC Radio One this afternoon, the singer said: "Mate, I don't think so". Explaining his decision, Liam said that he chose to reach out to his brother because despite the usual "tittle tattle" they go through, he still loves his brother and he also wanted to remind his twitter followers just how old his brother is!

"If Oasis ever got back together... if they do, they do".

He said: 'But you know, I did mean it, he's my brother, man, and I love him. It's like Prince'. I was like, "Without even hearing it, I can assure you it's not like Prince!'". There were people going like that: 'What? he's 50?' I was like that: 'Indeed. It's all very sad, but we'll get over it...

"Yeah I prefer that". "I may look stupid but I wouldn't dare get on the wrong side of One Direction fans", he added to Pitchfork. "I guess, I mean I was always going to get back into it but I've got a band, man, the band are good but I guess my name is on top of it which suits me fine, man".