India is promoting state-sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan

  • India is promoting state-sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan

India is promoting state-sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan

We demand that Pakistan lives up to its public commitment to refrain from supporting and sponsoring terrorism against India, India has told the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) in Geneva.

Addressing the media at a weekly news briefing in Islamabad, FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said it appeared the neighbouring country was deliberately trying to escalate the situation.

"While we have no desire to escalate the situation, Pakistani armed forces would respond effectively to unprovoked violations", Zakria said.

To ensure regional stability, Pakistan and Afghanistan will have to avoid elements which tend to sabotage the relationship they share, he added.

"India is playing a devious game in Afghanistan". We have always exercised restraint.

Exercising its second right of reply (RoR) to a Pakistani statement, India said Pakistan has for years, "with complete impunity, channelised billions of dollars from global aid, to training, financing and supporting terrorist groups as militant proxies against it neighbours".

The Indian Army is facing a "dirty war" in Jammu and Kashmir, which has to be fought with "innovative" ways, the Army Chief had said recently, defending the use of a Kashmiri man as "human shield" by a young officer.

The spokesperson called upon the UN Security Council, Members of UN and Human Rights organisations to call India to account for the grave human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by its forces in Held Kashmir.

"Unfortunately, no such thing ever materialised".

Zakaria said Afghanistan had been in turmoil for over 40 years and this had given space to terrorists.

He said Pakistan believes that all countries have an important and positive role to play to establish peace in the region and resolve disputes through peaceful means.

Regarding a meeting between leaders of Pakistan and India on the sidelines of SCO Summit, Zakraia said that "we have not received any request from the Indian side for a meeting on the sidelines".