E3 2017 | Assassins Creed: Origins Announced

  • E3 2017 | Assassins Creed: Origins Announced

E3 2017 | Assassins Creed: Origins Announced

The Assassins Creed Origins, which is one of the most awaited games from the hardcore gamers is announced in the Microsoft's press conference. The leaked media, pictured below, also puts the release date at October 27th of this year.

The motto of the game are the following words - "as the Empire falls, there is brotherhood".

According to Reddit, the leak comes from a copy of an Assassin's Creed issue of Game Informer. Most of the games focus on exploration and giving the player freedom, but this seems it'll be going completely open-world.

The illustration also shows off an assassin, presumably the main protagonist Bayek, against a backdrop of sphinxes and pyramids.

The art appearing in the reported Game Informer photos is almost identical to that of the art featured on a reported Target reservation card that leaked for Origins yesterday.

Ubisoft made a decision to take some time off to revamp the Assassin's Creed franchise so that it could deliver a fresh gameplay experience to the loyal fans of this long-running franchise.

He/she added that there will be no mini map. Origins won't have conventional towers like past Assassin's Creeds, so the overhead hawk will be a core tool.

Assassin's Creed: Origins has been confirmed not to use a button to sprint as running speed will vary on the analogue stick.

Along with the initial trailer, Ubisoft provided some in-game footage, further augmenting Xbox One X's 4K resolution and increasing the hype for the next installment in the Assassin's Creed universe.

As well as the eagle Senu, Ba Yek can gain numerous other animal companions, such as horses and other species of birds.