DC police say 2 men arrested in Turkish embassy melee case

  • DC police say 2 men arrested in Turkish embassy melee case

DC police say 2 men arrested in Turkish embassy melee case

The US State Department said the Turkish security involved in the altercation appeared to be embassy and Erdogan security staff.

"Now that charges have been filed, the Department will weigh additional actions for the named individuals, as appropriate under relevant laws and regulations". Yildirim is from New Jersey, where is he now awaiting extradition, and Narin is from Virginia. "Any further steps will be responsive and proportional to the charges or arrests".

A second suspect who also seen in videos kicking a protestor, Virginia resident Sinan Narin, was charged with aggravated assault. Yildirim is awaiting extradition from New Jersey, the statement said.

Mr Yildirim and Mr Narin were both identified as supporters of Mr Erdogan in a detailed New York Times report into the violence. One video showed the Turkish president, surrounded by bodyguards, watching the scene by his vehicle as the chaos unfolded.

Video footage showed men in suits charging past police to kick and punch protesters. Usoyan, a Kurdish rights activist, says that she feared for her life during the fight and that she suffered head trauma that the hospital said would take her six weeks to fully recover from.

"The Department would like to thank the Department of Justice and the investigative agencies for their diligence", a State Department spokesperson told the Free Beacon. "We are committed to holding those responsible for the violence on May 16 accountable".

USA officials had strongly criticized the Turkish government after Erdogan's security forces for the violence, and the State Department summoned Turkey's ambassador to the U.S.to complain.

On June 6 USA lawmakers passed a resolution which strongly condemned Turkey for the incident, and called for criminal charges against those responsible.

"The conduct of Turkish security personnel earlier this week is deeply disturbing", the official said. It was also not clear whether police would target for arrest any of Erdogan's security force.