Cosby jury reviews accuser's testimony amid deliberations

  • Cosby jury reviews accuser's testimony amid deliberations

Cosby jury reviews accuser's testimony amid deliberations

Bill Cosby's co-star, Keshia Knight Pulliam, continues to support her TV dad, stopping by "The Today Show" to talk about what she heard inside the Pennsylvania courtroom on the first day of Cosby's sexual assault trial.

Cosby, 79, is charged with aggravated indecent assault for allegedly drugging and molesting Constand at his Cheltenham home in 2004.

Incidentally, Constand's version of what Cosby supposedly did to her while on prescription Quaaludes in 2004, as documents from a 2005 deposition between Andrea and the actor revealed, as CNN shared, mirrored that of almost 60 other women's experiences with the entertainer between 1965 and 2008, according to Rolling Stone.

Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in January 2004.

Cosby's lawyer Brian J. McMonagle argued his case by saying that Cosby was indeed unfaithful to his wife and frequently slept with multiple women, according to The New York Times, but that such actions alone did not constitute a crime.

Constand testified last week that Cosby gave her a substance that incapacitated her and then he sexually assaulted her. The defense also poked holes in Johnson's testimony, citing discrepancies in her recounting of the alleged incident.

But the allegations lodged by 44-year-old Canadian Andrea Constand about an encounter in January 2004 are the only criminal case brought against him.

Wyatt said Cosby's spirits were up and he had confidence in the jury. "It is exhausting work and the day has to come to an end", Judge Steven O'Neill told the sequestered jurors when they asked to return to their hotel at 9:20 p.m., after a 12-hour day. The third count covers Cosby's alleged use of pills to impair Constand before groping her breast and genitals. The judge had barred her hearsay testimony from the trial, but Wyatt made sure her statement got out.

The first prosecutor to review the case in 2005 passed on it. Each carries a maximum 10-year prison term, though the counts could be merged at sentencing if he is convicted.

After taking the pills, Constand said, she had trouble talking and difficulty moving and was suffering double vision, before briefly losing consciousness.

While the elder Constand testified that Cosby admitted that he was a "sick man" and was trying to find a way around the matter, Mr. Cosby said he feared extortion by the family.

Constand testified that she was mistaken and prosecutors called a psychologist who told jurors that victims of sexual violence sometimes have trouble remembering details and engage in seemingly irrational behavior in response to the trauma.

Bill Cosby walks from the Montgomery County Courthouse during jury deliberations in his sexual assault trial at in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

Cosby was accompanied by his spokesman into the Montgomery County Courthouse outside Philadelphia on Tuesday. He's drawn throngs of cameras with his updates on Cosby's mood and assertions that the 79-year-old comedian isn't getting a fair shake. The jury is set to reconvene after deliberating for four hours Monday night. Cosby says they enjoyed a mutual "petting" session. Prosecutors have suggested he gave her something stronger- perhaps Quaaludes, a highly popular party drug in the 1970s that was banned in the 1982.