British PM May seen 13 seats short of majority: YouGov

The vote will decide whether May or her Labour Party rival Jeremy Corbyn takes control of Britain's exit from the European Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's once formidable lead has been eroded to a slender advantage, an opinion poll indicated on Friday as her campaign was dealt a blow when one of her candidates was charged with electoral fraud.

Failure to win an outright Conservative majority would leave May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn scrambling to find partners to support a new government. As incumbent, May has the right to make the first attempt to form a coalition, though her tough stance on Brexit ("no deal is better than a bad deal") is likely to make finding a suitable partner hard. This will test the cross-party support for her pre-election pledges. 10 Downing Street said May had called Trump to express her "disappointment".

Voters also say that Labour has had the best policies and the best campaign.

He added: "It is clear she only cares about gaining re-election".

"Whether talking about her cruel and muddled dementia tax, her underfunding of schools, her cap on public sector pay and her scandalous under-funding of mental health provision, she looked rattled". They governed together until 2015. The Conservatives are committed to a complete break with the EU. He's being allowed to go for broke and campaign (for the most part) on what he believes. The Conservatives' other coalition options are limited.

The Conservative leader was asked why she had changed her mind on holding an election, and on her position towards the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

May, who won the top job in the political chaos following the shock June 23 Brexit vote, used a speech yesterday in northern England to pitch her vision of Brexit.

That said, the number of people looking to make a quick buck from the Election doesn't compare with the EU Referendum, in the same period Oddschecker saw nearly twice as many visiting the politics odds grids to check the Remain or Leave odds, compared to this year's election.

While the Conservatives insist that the two-year window for Article 50 talks is plenty of time to agree the financial terms of the Brexit divorce settlement and a successor trade deal, pundits on both sides of the Channel think this extremely optimistic.

An election that, several weeks ago, promised a certain victory by a wide margin is suddenly too close for comfort. If such a retreat of the moderates occurs, I wouldn't be surprised if we got stuck with Corbyn or someone worse for the foreseeable future.

Labour has said it will raise income taxes on people earning more than 80,000 pounds (S$110,000) a year, while promising no increases for the other 95 per cent of taxpayers.

She said if there was a hung parliament, her pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) would consider backing a minority Labour administration.

"My choice and the choice for my clients is a Conservative government or a Labour government and. there is a 9% difference between what the Conservatives are proposing for corporation tax on larger businesses and what Labour is proposing", said accountant Mr Rudd. The UK Labour party leader has received an important boost from the Vermont senator and leading American progressive Bernie Sanders, who faced off against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party primaries previous year.