AMD Shows Off Threadripper and Ryzen Mobile, and Dates EPYC and Vega

At a press conference on the sidelines of the annual Computex trade show in Taipei, AMD made a number of announcements covering products across its portfolio, including the Epyc platform for servers, Ryzen desktop and mobile CPUs, Threadripper enthusiast CPUs, and Radeon Vega graphics processors. Computex in turn isn't a venue for deep technical announcements, but it's a good place to get clarity on AMD's CPU roadmap.

AMD officials also showed off the company's upcoming Ryzen-based mobile chip in what looked like a reference convertible laptop. Big computer makers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo showcased their Ryzen-based PCs at Computex. As the fans may already be aware, the Skylake platform is entirely marketed under the brand-name, Skylake X. It's also worthy to note that it's considered to be a flagship product coming from the side of Intel. Threadripper pricing has not yet been announced, but AMD is generally expected to hit Intel hard on it once again.

One CPU in specific came on top, this was the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, that won the award for best CPU of 2017. AMD showed demos of Ryzen-based desktops on stage. Nevertheless, Ryzen is very competitive and it is notable that the entire line-including Ryzen 3-will be Oculus Rift approved.

Planning to take on Intel's newly released Core i9 chips, AMD has officially announced its high-end desktop chipset X399 running AMD ThreadRipper that comes with beastly 16 cores and 32 processing threads. "Ryzen promises 50 percent better CPU performance and 40 percent better graphics performance that current 7th Generation 'Bristol Ridge" APUs. The Ryzen APU had four cores, eight threads, and Vega graphics incorporated into a 15-millimeter-thick laptop. "We are just getting started".

Having the highest-performing 8-core CPU plus the lowest price 8-core CPU makes AMD's Ryzen 7 a pretty compelling buy for any gamer or system-builder looking to buy or put together a new machine. This certainly is a strong contender for AMD's CPU which packs 16-core and 32-thread. EPYC is based on the company's existing Zen x86 architecture. Our cover graphic shows us that their presentation slide clearly states "Up to" 16 cores which tells us that there's likely to be other versions like Intel's i9 will provide. "Epyc wins on performance, Epyc wins on power, Epyc wins on total cost of ownership", Su claimed.