UK Conservatives extend lead in ORB poll ahead of national election

  • UK Conservatives extend lead in ORB poll ahead of national election

UK Conservatives extend lead in ORB poll ahead of national election

Party leaders will return to the campaign trail amid opposition fears of a Conservative landslide after the Tories made sweeping gains in the local elections. The UK Independence Party, founded on a pledge to withdraw the country from the European Union, all but collapsed, as its voters moved en masse to the Conservatives.

"It seems that the Theresa May and the Conservative Party have consolidated their grip on the right-wing of the British electorate, and they are very much the party that is trusted to deliver Brexit", said Phillips.

In Edinburgh, the Tories won the most first preference votes with 51,212 to the SNP's 49,798 despite the Nationalists ending up as the biggest party in the capital. The huge majority she covets will free her from worrying about how to sell the Brexit deal she gets to Parliament, as well as allowing her to implement whatever domestic policies she chooses.

"... as the local elections showed, they are ... are on course for the type of victory last seen by (Labour's) Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher when they were at their peaks", said Adrian Drummond of pollsters Opinium.

Mr Jones said after Thursday's local elections, in which Labour lost control of three councils but held on to seven others, his party had "defied the polls, and the pundits and out-performed expectations". Ukip results resemble a auto crash.

He said he was "utterly determined" to use every hour of the next four weeks to get his message across.

The results sparked a furious reaction from the party's former donor Arron Banks, who said Ukip was "finished as an electoral force" under its current leadership and needed "a strategic bullet to the back of the head".

And it was a disastrous day for the anti-EU, anti-immigration UK Independence Party, which lost all 114 seats it was defending, and won only one new one.

Another analyst, Prof. Michael Thrasher, told Sky News: "Ukip received one in eight votes cast at the 2015 general election, and, therefore, those votes are absolutely critical in a month's time at the general election".

We saw ex-Ukip voters putting on their parachutes and jumping out of the plane, which is set for a crash landing.

While the strategy appears to have paid off, the poisoned atmosphere might mean talks get off on wrong foot.

"It's been a hard night", the Ukip leader conceded. "We are the victims of our own success".

Sion Simon, Labor's losing candidate in the West Midlands, said: "We can't duck the reality of what we heard in the places we won on the streets of cities and towns like Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and Sand well".

Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told Iain Dale the party will "come out fighting" following their historic loss at the general election.

"Nonetheless, Labour has been making the case up and down the country that Labour representatives, both locally and nationally, will stand up for the many whilst the Conservative party stands up only for the few".

The Tories stepped up their attack on Mr Corbyn over his stance on defence and security, with the Home Secretary seizing on his 2013 comments about drones.

The prime minister's comments followed leaked comments in the British and European press suggesting the EU thinks the United Kingdom is not being realistic about the conditions of its EU exit and the complexity of the negotiations ahead.