Turkey attacks U.S. over 'aggressive' action against Turkish bodyguards

The statement issued by the Turkish Embassy trying to justify the actions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's bodyguards at a protest outside the ambassador's residence is nearly as outrageous as the violence that occurred last week. Video from the scene had showed US police struggling to protect protesters, and two Turkish bodyguards were briefly detained after the incident.

Trump's administration has made a decision to arm Kurdish forces to fight ISIS, but Turkey says that the group is connected to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, viewed as a terrorist organization.

It said that lapses of security experienced during Erdogan's stay in Washington were caused "by the inability of USA authorities to take sufficient precautions at every stage of the official programme, ' adding that incidents would not overshadow what was otherwise a 'very successful" visit.

Last week, Erdogan was in Washington to meet President Donald Trump, after visiting India, China and Russian Federation.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirmed that Bass had been summoned to discuss the situation with the Turks and called the conduct of the Turkish guards "deeply disturbing". "People have the right in our country to peacefully demonstrate and they were peacefully demonstrating".

Some U.S. lawmakers, including Arizona Sen.

Following the State Department saying they had "concern" about the beatdown of protesters, some of whom were waving a Kurdish organization's flag. The mayor as well as the police chief of DC, various Congressmen and the US State Department all condemned the violence.

Following confirmation of the defendants' identities and the reading of a summary of the roughly 2,000-page indictment, suspects began to put forward their defence, beginning with the former head of the Turkish air force.

Violent clashes erupted last Wednesday outside of Kilic's residence as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived for previously scheduled meetings. Video footage appeared to show official Turkish security personnel hitting and kicking demonstrators.

The UK Independent reports that the Turkish Foreign Ministry gave the American ambassador a "written and verbal protest" and called for a "full investigation of this diplomatic incident". Then the Turkish Foreign Ministry "summoned" the USA ambassador so they could deliver protests over how US law enforcement officers treated Turkish personnel during the attack.

The summoning of the ambassador, John Bass, sharply escalated a diplomatic rift between Turkey and the United States following the violence.

Shannon stressed that the US position on the PKK was unchanged, and that Washington stands resolute with Turkey against the designated terror group.