Trump, the jobs president, will fire you if you anger him — LUPICA

Even more troubling are implications involving the investigations into possible Russian interference in the presidential election and ties to Trump associates.

Soon after receiving the letter, Trump dismissed Comey. He remarked that Democrats had "consistently complained" about Comey, though he notably failed to reveal his own views on the firing.

And in fact, he said it absolved Comey of whatever error he made in not recommending charges against Clinton in July 2016. He said he does not plan to dwell on the decision to fire him or the "way it was executed". "I respect that very much". "He was not doing a good job", the President said, in his only public comment on the matter.

Trump added: "I really disagreed with him". He brought it back. Clinton tried to get Sessions to resign in order not to have to break precedent and fire him. "What he did was the right thing". "In fact, the president will be meeting with Acting Director McCabe later today to discuss that very thing - the morale at the Federal Bureau of Investigation - as well as make an offer to go directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation if he feels that that's necessary and appropriate, and we'll certainly provide further information on that meeting for you guys", Sanders said. "He had no choice".

He says Comey was scheduled to appear at Thursday's hearing and that his absence cost the committee an opportunity to get at the truth, at least for a day. And if records are found proving Trump's alleged financial obligations to Russian Federation, a Trump impeachment becomes increasingly possible. Now he's arguing it was a fireable offence.

"He'd lost confidence in Director Comey and, frankly, he'd been considering letting Director Comey go since the day he was elected", Sanders said at a press conference on Wednesday.

"It just doesn't hold water to me that they are defending Hillary Clinton's honor".

The chairman of the Senate intelligence committee also said he saw no need for a special prosecutor.

But Democrats have accused the White House of firing Mr Comey over the Trump-Russia investigation and have demanded the appointment of a special prosecutor. "Remember this any time any Republican, ever, pretends to be more patriotic than Democrats".

In a letter on Wednesday to House Democrats, Pelosi said that they'll file a discharge petition if Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't call up the legislation "immediately upon our return next week".

Republicans control both chambers of Congress, and a growing number of Republicans have also expressed doubts over Mr Trump's move.

It's clear this is a big deal and couldn't be glossed over. Since taking office, Trump has abandoned many of his campaign promises with little explanation. "We'll take care of this".

He then mercifully ended the Q&A after 10 minutes. His colleague Richard Burr, R-N.C., chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he is "troubled by the timing and reasoning of Jim Comey's termination", which "further confuses an already hard investigation by our committee". The FBI never confirmed that McCabe and Comey gave the White House the go-ahead to knock down the stories.

That's bad optics. Just awful.

But by Wednesday, after his firing of Comey had rocked Washington, the new president and his aides were trashing Comey's job performance as a long-standing problem. So there was no real recommendation from DOJ. "It's time to diagnose them with what it is: Trump derangement syndrome".

EDDIE: This is not going to go away just because Comey is fired. It's a classic case of two wrongs not making a right. That decision, apparently, was Trump's alone.

The Justice Department denies that Comey, a 56-year-old with three decades of law enforcement experience, asked for more resources.