Trump the focus of May Day anger

  • Trump the focus of May Day anger

Trump the focus of May Day anger

More than a thousand people rallied and marched on May Day, Monday, as part of the Seattle March for Workers and Immigration Rights.

The events sparked at least four arrests after a human chain blocked a county building in Oakland, Calif., as demonstrators demanded the county refuse to collaborate with U.S. immigration agents, the Associated Press reported. "Across the country, people have taken this day to march, organize, and display their opposition to the divisive and immoral agenda of the Trump Administration", said Rep. Schakowsky.

This is the latest in a handful of demonstrations on this same issue that have been held in the city.

Rallies and marches are happening nationwide.

Massive rallies, road shutdowns, business closures and walkouts at dozens of schools and workplaces are expected in California during what's expected to be a historic May Day.

Police said on Twitter that all participants were encouraged to leave the march as smoke bombs and other items continued to be thrown at police Monday afternoon. The difference between Trump and Obama, however, is that Obama supported immigration reform and granted legal protections to more than 750,000 Dreamers-young undocumented immigrants brought to the children by their parents. In San Jose, 100,000 people turned out that year.

In Denver, workers marched to an ICE detention center to protest unjust immigration enforcement. No cars were seen entering or exiting while the protesters sat on the pavement.

New York's initially peaceful demonstration of some 4,000 participants grew tense in the evening as protesters clashed with Trump supporters, some of them brandishing placards featuring the president's slogan "Make America great Again".

"My parents were put in concentration camps during World War II and no one stood up for us". He said he understands the difficulty of ending DACA and that it may be used as a future bargaining chip, but that doesn't mean it should be granted to people beyond those who already have it. "I feel obligated to be here".

At the same time, a mid-day gathering at Guadalupe Plaza Park snaked through the streets to Sen.

The enormous crowd of at least 3,000 walked slowly up Market Street, bringing downtown to a standstill. The Democratic governor said that as long as she's in office, OR will be welcoming and inclusive to all those who call the state home. There are many players, some in our own backyard, who are benefitting from and/or enabling these attacks.

But on Monday, other issues have come to the fore, including protests of police brutality, gay rights, and immigrants' rights. The event will take place at 1 Mexican Heritage Plaza at 1700 Alum Rock Ave.

At the rally, Eldridge encouraged the support of the Safe Communities Act as a way to protect immigrant workers in MA. It was about fighting against federal policies that threaten immigrant rights, basic healthcare, environmental justice and affordable housing. "We are passing a budget bill which says there will be no wall", Sen.

Portland police say officers have arrested three people near Pioneer Square during a May Day rally and march which they now consider a riot.

Hundreds of workers, business owners, and families have rallied in five CT cities to support immigrants' rights. "It doesn't matter if we are black, white, or brown, " she said.

Eldridge commented towns and cities that proclaimed themselves as "sanctuaries", but he said it is not enough to protect immigrants who have to cross town lines to get to work.

"This nation was built by immigrants and it's shameful how they're treated here", Mackay said.

For some, May Day is a traditional spring celebration marked by leaving baskets filled with gifts and flowers on the doorsteps of friends. In Homestead, Fla., immigrant farmworkers went on strike for the day. Today's action placed a special emphasis on immigrant rights in response to the racist assault against people of color that is the hallmark of the Trump Administration.

Many people will be asking, "What's next?"

"We're really looking for a sense of safety for the community because the fear is at an all-time high, said Debra Ballinger Bernstein, executive director of Monument Impact".