Trump praises Macron for 'big win' in France's election

  • Trump praises Macron for 'big win' in France's election

Trump praises Macron for 'big win' in France's election

A French presidential election victory Sunday by centrist Emmanuel Macron, a former investment banker who campaigned as an unabashedly pro-European reformer, over eurosceptic nationalist Marine Le Pen will feed the notion that a populist wave that led to Britain's Brexit vote last June and Donald Trump's USA presidential victory has crested, MarketWatch reports.

On Sunday, American lawmakers also joined the White House in congratulating Mr. Macron, a former investment banker whose win in the French polls represented the most significant response from the liberals to the populist and nationalist wave that brought Mr. Trump to power in the November presidential election.

I argued on this blog that Trump's comments about Le Pen amounted to an endorsement.

"We congratulate President-elect Macron and the people of France on their successful presidential election", said Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Mr Macron beat his rival and right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen in the final vote on Sunday with 66.06 per cent of the vote. Pollsters projected that French voters cast blank or spoiled ballots in record numbers Sunday.

Macron doesn't come from a major political party.

Macron, today backed vociferously by outgoing President Francois Hollande, began his political career in Hollande's Socialist Party.

His startup political movement - optimistically named, "En Marche!", or "Forward!" - caught fire in just one year, harnessing voters' hunger for new faces and new ideas and steering France into unchartered political territory.

A new name would help Le Pen distance herself from the old guard - including her father, party founder Jean-Marie, who was kicked out under his daughter's image revamping. She got over 10 million votes.

I attended Marine Le Pen's last rally in the presidential election and spoke to many of her supporters; while the overwhelming majority were working class, a lot of them were former Sarkozy voters, not left-wing voters.

In her concession speech, she also announced plans to establish a new political association that will take part in the parliamentary elections in June saying she will "lead this struggle" to protect France's "independence, freedom, prosperity, security, identity, and social model".

In both cases, then, each candidate shifted the dynamic within their own side, but if you look beyond the spin, the left-right divide actually seems more alive than ever.

The euro, shared by France and 18 other countries, was trading at $1.0966.

Elaborating, Macron said that "unilateral recognition of Palestine, right now, will undermine stability".

"The euro has pared early gains, and perhaps much of the rally has run its course?" wrote Richard Perry, a Hantec Markets analysts, in a note on Monday. Monday, a national holiday, marks the day of the formal German defeat in World War II. "It is up to us to confront the globalist agenda of Macron".

At 39, he is France's youngest president.

"Hurrah Macron President! There is hope for Europe!"

Of those French people voting from New Zealand, 93 percent supported Mr Macron.

"France will be at the forefront of the fight against terrorism", he said.

Brigette Trogneux was Emmanuel Macron's drama teacher and the two met when she directed him in a school play that was also his stage debut. France's government cybersecurity agency, ANSSI, is investigating.

In an interview with Army Radio, Le Gal said she thought Macron would be "very friendly" toward Israel, but did not elaborate on what the focus in relations between the two countries would be during Macron's presidency.