Trump focuses on first 100 day successes, triumphs in weekly address

  • Trump focuses on first 100 day successes, triumphs in weekly address

Trump focuses on first 100 day successes, triumphs in weekly address

"That, as we would say, trumps trade".

Hours earlier, tens of thousands of demonstrators, alarmed at what they see as a unsafe assault on the environment by the Trump administration, had poured onto the streets of Washington to sound warnings both planetary and political about the Earth's warming climate.

Weekly Address by The White House on YouTube.

It all added up to a portrait of a president who, even while he's eager for legislative victories, pays little attention to the nitty-gritty details that can make or break them on Capitol Hill.

"Presidents get the staff they want", Kamarck said - in Trump's case, "people who don't contradict him", many without Washington experience, with no single person in charge.

"We've created 99,000 new construction jobs, 49,000 new manufacturing jobs, and 27,000 new mining jobs", he said. And I mandate it.

In an excerpt of an interview with "Face the Nation" of CBS, set to air on Sunday and Monday and conducted during the trip to Pennsylvania, Trump said he would "not be happy" if North Korea conducted a nuclear test.

The legislation being considered by House Republicans, in fact, does not require such coverage.

His campaign promises on such major items as repealing and replacing Obamacare and overhauling the tax code - things he rallied crowds with for months all over the country - have yet to be enacted.

Bee continued, "we are living in a Golden Age of journalism".

"No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including [Supreme Court]), media will kill!" tweeted Trump on April 21. He seemed surprised to learn in February that health care is "so complicated". We just have different notions of the best ways to get there. And even if the White House can record a political win by passing the bill, Trump will likely be saddled with the blame if Americans come to believe that the new disruption in the health care industry costs them money or access to insurance. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. It's clear now that Republicans who represent moderate districts know they'd get crushed in 2018 if they voted to pull the plug on a law that Trump's opposition has suddenly made, well, popular. The greater challenge may be changing his management habits - recognising, at age 70, that what worked in a family-owned real estate firm may not work as well in the White House.

Minhaj also parodied the President's sobriety. Trump ran as a populist, but he has governed mainly as an orthodox Republican. As he marks his 100th day in office, NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith has this look at how much the unconventional candidate has proven to be an unconventional president.

The president also touched on the recent unveiling of his tax-cut plan, one Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin called "the biggest tax cut ever," saying it will have an enormous effect for the middle class and for American businesses. "We didn't want Hillary".

Nancy Pelosi has no idea what decade it is. Congress will have to negotiate final details on a $1 trillion package by Friday to finance the government through September 30.

Among the jabs Bee took at the president, were jokes about the wall along the Mexico-U.S. border.

The House and Senate have until Friday at midnight to pass the measure to avert a government shutdown. Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, a top Democratic negotiator, said he hadn't heard from anyone in the administration at all. It was well-received in the room - because it was amusing! - but will just add fuel to the fire Trump has been stoking nearly since the day he entered the presidential race.

President Donald Trump approaches the week with the threat of a government shutdown still looming as he holds hope for progress on health care.