The Flash 3.20 Review - 'I Know Who You Are'

  • The Flash 3.20 Review - 'I Know Who You Are'

The Flash 3.20 Review - 'I Know Who You Are'

I can hardly wait until next week to see what they do to deal with this new very bad knowledge. It's been fun to toy with Team Flash. As Abra Kadabra (David Dastmalchian) noted, no one hurt Flash like Savitar did, and no one punishes himself more for not being better than he is than Barry Allen does. She teases that whatever plan Savitar is doing, he will need Killer Frost by his side. But the science will be very tricky and hard to get right since we are dealing with freaking time travel. It's the whole chicken and the egg scenario: Before Iris' death there is no Savitar.

However, will Captain Cold remember Barry in "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 21?

So basically, regardless of the timeline or reality, Barry Allen is very much the worst. Just ship him off to a different universe whenever you can't find room for him in the script.

It looks like the future has more to offer than the past in the superhero series "The Flash".

Because Savitar is a Future Barry. Perhaps he lost Iris and saw becoming Savitar as his salvation.

She went straight from skeptical to totally committed to helping him, which is what you might expect if it was her beloved Ronnie Raymond. He tells Barry he created himself, which he literally did, by presumably killing Iris in the past to put himself on the path to eventually become Savitar.

Reverse-Flash calls Barry a villain. "So to have our lead actor be both the hero and the villain isn't something we've done before, so that was exciting for us as storytellers". A really twisted one we reckon. While that goes down, Barry talks to Joe about his relationship troubles - Joe enjoys the fact that Cecile is normal and ain't about this superhero life - and Julian tries to talk to Cisco about the fact that he froze when Killer Frost showed up at the university. Julian later reveals that a sampling he has of Killer Frost's blood could be the key to curing her. He says the titular line and the title card flashes onscreen.

Some people have speculated online that H.R. Wells - the Wells from Earth 19 - could be Savitar. The scars could be caused by the friction from running too fast. He might just be saying that he is Barry Allen. They're great together. But, work on the timing, show. Still connected to the Speed-Force and apparently the entire catalogue of My Chemical Romance, Barry sulks around the ruins of STAR Labs as he waits for the day that he can afford a decent haircut. Isn't there an easier way to introduce Savitar's Speed Force prison into the mix?

However, behind most fans' shock and disbelief in the reveal left them with more questions than answers - including questions of why future Barry would kill the woman he once loved. And that might explain why he hates his past self so much. Most likely he will simply succeed in locking Savitar away, as Savitar himself reports is what happens, rather than eradicating him entirely or preventing himself from becoming Savitar. Maybe if this had come in an earlier episode, they could have spent more time on it and made it matter. It will be curious to see how Barry manages it.