The battle to end Obamacare is just getting started

Democrats, who voted unanimously against the bill, vowed to make Republicans pay a political price for pushing such unpopular legislation. Those members of Congress who voted for this bill already did so without knowing what the legislation costs.

"Our top priority is to ensure our members, including those with pre-existing conditions, have access to coverage that is affordable to them", she said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi painted a bleak picture of looming health care chaos, saying the vote could cost Republicans their majority in upcoming elections next year.

The House bill would end the Obama law's fines on people who don't purchase policies and erase its taxes on health industry businesses and higher-earning people.

Republicans have promised to repeal Obamacare since the day it was passed with only Democrats voting for it and have been campaigning on that promise ever since.

"Premiums will be coming down, deductibles will be coming down", Trump said. They were willing to look past his oafish ways if he could deliver on a promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with "something terrific" that "covers everyone".

The bill sets aside money to help people afford coverage but it's unclear what happens to those with preexisting conditions under the GOP plan. It would allow young adults to stay on their parents' health plan until age 26.

How swiftly that GOP work gets underway is not clear; it would probably be a big achievement to get a health care bill ready for Senate floor consideration by July. Unless the state could make up the difference on its own, many Medi-Cal recipients would likely see their benefits reduced.

Those taxes paid for Obamacare. States used fees and taxes to make up the difference, and states sometimes made it more hard to some to qualify for care.

It is a conservative dream years in the making: ditching Barack Obama's health care law, which Republicans blame for sending insurance premiums soaring while reducing options for millions.

Obamacare contains many provisions to help poor and lower-income Americans.

"I've already made clear that I don't support the House bill as now constructed because I continue to have concerns that this bill does not do enough to protect Ohio's Medicaid expansion population", said Republican Senator Rob Portman. The House proposal would change the structure of these subsidies, which are now based on income, the poorer you are, the more assistance you receive, and instead allot a flat subsidy based on age.

But there were celebrations moments later on the White House lawn, where the president laid on a reception for Republicans in the House of Representatives. A 27-year-old earning this amount would only get $2,000, instead of $3,225 under Obamacare, on average. However, the biggest loser would be a 60-year-old, who would receive only $4,000, instead of almost $9,900 under Obamacare.

The ill-fated Republican bill in March would result in 24 million more Americans losing insurance within a decade, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said at the time. The majority of those would have qualified for Medicaid under Obamacare.

But the House bill falls short of that goal, and Democrats have warned that it exposes millions of vulnerable Americans.

Wavering moderate Republicans had anxious that the legislation to overhaul President Barack Obama's 2010 signature healthcare law would leave too many people with pre-existing medical conditions unable to afford health coverage.

Consumers with health issues may also find that their policies don't cover all of their needs. It does so mainly by setting up a special fund to supplement state expenditures for "high-risk" groups of the insured.