Texas Lawmakers Approve Ban on 'Sanctuary Cities'

  • Texas Lawmakers Approve Ban on 'Sanctuary Cities'

Texas Lawmakers Approve Ban on 'Sanctuary Cities'

Police and sheriff's departments in Texas are decrying an immigration bill passed by the state legislature, saying it will drive a wedge between law enforcement and immigrant communities. SB 4 includes nothing like that.

Texas lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that outlaws so-called "sanctuary cities" and jurisdictions in Texas and allows law enforcement to ask people about their immigration status of anyone they legally detain.

The potential quagmire for El Paso County stems from a 2006 settlement with a man who said his FourthAmendment rights were violated when he was held by an El Paso sheriff's deputy against his will.

But Republican State Sen. Sen.

Abbott has long promised to sign a sanctuary cities ban but his office did not immediately comment on the bill's passage Wednesday.

SB 4 would bring repurcussions to agencies choosing to deny these requests.

If that happens, we fear many in the Valley will live in fear.

Grant police officers the authority to question a detained person's immigration status, even during a minor offense. They are issued by immigration officers.

Fierce resistance has come from Texas Democrats and immigrants' rights organizations, as well as from some in law enforcement and top business lobbies. 4 comparisons to Arizona's 2010 S.B.

Now California is a leading protector of undocumented immigrants, granting them driver's licenses and in-state tuition at public colleges. Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat from Houston. Dozens of cities have similar guidelines. SB 4 does not go that far. Hernandez has said she will follow SB 4 should it become law.

El Paso County denied the claims and settled with Starr for $500 plus attorney's fees.

And more Texas police chiefs are following suit, reported NBC News.

Lawmakers added the term "cyberbullying" to the Texas Education Code in 2011, tucking it under the "bullying" umbrella, but they didn't create any legal punishment for cyberbullying - instead requiring school districts to develop their own policies to prevent and intervene in bullying and cyberbullying. "This will lead to distrust of police and less cooperation from members of the community".

"It will foster the belief that people can not seek assistance from police for fear of being subjected to an immigration status investigation", Pughes and Acevedo write.

The number of Latinos reporting rape in Houston is down 42.8 percent from past year, Garcia said, and reports of other violent crimes has dropped 13 percent, due to fear of deportation.

It also eliminates consent and custom as a defense to prosecution. "It is a great day for Texas, for Texans, and for the United States of America".

Supporters point to a state report that the number of hail and windstorm claims prompting lawsuits increased 1,400 percent in recent years.

SB4 has been criticized by police chiefs in cities all over Texas, including current sanctuary cities Dallas, Houston, Austin, Arlington, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

Is he talking about the state's police chiefs?