Tests find Samsung's S8 phones more prone to screen cracks

Samsung is getting active in resolving software related issues with its newly released devices this year. The complaints were dismissed by Samsung, instead asking users to change device display settings manually.

Samsung expects the new flagship will elevate it to the top slot in India's premium segment, now led by rival Apple, hoping it's been able to erase memories of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, which had hurt its branding and market share.

The company is issuing new software for the S8 after customers complained of red-tinted display screens. The company has applied curved displays to all models from the Galaxy S8 series but diversified the size of screens.

Bottom line, Samsung Galaxy S8 is good till you drop it!

Users will enjoy everything Android Nougat has to offer, and then some.

For using filters in your pictures you just have to swipe on to the bottom left corner of the screen to choose the filters, also there are eight pre-downloaded filters but you can download more if you want. We have also come to know about some of the specifications that will be there in the upcoming galaxy s9.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. It's the company's first significant phone launch since the massive recall of the Note7 last summer. The Apple iPhone 7 and Google Nexus 5 received a lot of complaints because of a odd yellowish hue.

For the most part, it does appear that consumers are in love with the S8.

For anyone who doesn't like the idea of having to manually fix things, Samsung is due to take control in the very near future. If you are interested in purchasing the Google Play Music subscription once your three-month free trial runs out, you will quickly and easily be able to do that as well. The smartphone-maker has reportedly already tested more than 100,000 batteries in the new devices, reports The Australian.