Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S unveiled — Microsoft's Education event

Today at an event in New York, Microsoft announced the newest product in its Surface line. As an incentive, Microsoft is making Windows 10 S available to schools already using Windows 10 Pro for free, with free Office 365 for education. The source that goes by the name of WalkingCat a Twitterati has leaked this information and is claiming that the Surface Laptop is a 13.5 clam-shell device. It also is created to work with the Surface Dial and Surface Pen accessories from Microsoft's Surface desktop and tablets.

The device has a touch screen, and can display 3.2 million pixels, like other Surface devices. He also said that the device will outperform Apple's Core i7-powered MacBook Pro, thanks to the stripped-back OS onboard. Microsoft is offering up to 14.5 hours of battery life and incredibly long standby time with this device.

You can pre-order the Surface Arc Mouse now for $79.99 in the USA, with shipments beginning on June 15. Shipment will begin in June. Microsoft Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S has been unveiled as well. At its core, you will have all of the platform capabilities of the standard Windows 10 operating system including hardware/peripheral support.

Windows 10 S (not Windows Tennis) is a new variation of Windows that sort of works like macOS would if you could only install software from the Mac App Store.

What do you think of the Surface Laptop? "It has all the hardware to compete, much more than what's required in a classroom", Todd Haselton writes in CNBC. He added, "I personally like to think of it as the soul of today's Windows". "By positioning the Surface Laptop toward "education" it can attract a crowd that might otherwise be looking at MacBooks", Haselton writes.

"It's basically a straightforward notebook, albeit one with the Microsoft's slick Surface aesthetic", wrote Engadget in an update. The introduction of new colors for the Surface Book will bring variety into the mix. The device is seen as a competitor to Apple's MacBook.

Microsoft is clearly aiming the Surface Laptop at the richer kids in the school, too, having announced that it will cost a hefty $999 - probably about £999 when it reaches the UK.