South Korea fired 450 rounds at flock of birds, says North

  • South Korea fired 450 rounds at flock of birds, says North

South Korea fired 450 rounds at flock of birds, says North

South Korea fired warning shots Tuesday after an unidentified object flew south from rival North Korea, Seoul's military said.

Seoul said its military fired an unspecified number of warning shots on Tuesday after detecting an object flying across the border.

The South responded with machine-gun fire after an unidentified North Korean aircraft crossed the DMZ early a year ago.

Lee Min-bok, a North Korean defector-turned-activist, said that cylindrical balloons made of plastic cost much less than round rubber ones.

USA and South Korean officials and experts believe the North is several years away from having such a capability.

North Korean drone flights across the border are unusual, but have happened before. The Trump administration has been aggressively pressing China to rein in North Korea, warning that all options are on the table if Pyongyang persists with its weapons development.

After North Korea conducted a nuclear test in September past year, the government widened the criteria for those who are targeted with re-entry bans and asset freezes in December.

Nearly a month ago Washington began discussions with North Korea ally China on strengthening United Nations sanctions.

The council met behind closed doors to discuss tightening sanctions on North Korea following the launch on Sunday of a medium-range missile that again raised alarm over Pyongyang's military capabilities.

The Security Council strongly condemned the May 21 launch in a statement, pledging to "take further significant measures including sanctions, in line with the council's previously expressed determination".

"If left on its current trajectory, the regime will ultimately succeed in fielding a nuclear-armed missile capable of threatening the United States homeland", Stewart said Tuesday. He claims that because the USA is on its way to applying diplomatic pressure, this is North Korea's way of responding to the pressure they are starting to feel.

Pyongyang's actions are holding South Korea and neighboring countries at risk, and there is need to "take that risk away without taking his systems away", he said.

He also described North Korea as a "fully-fledged nuclear power".

As North Korea continues to develop its nuclear missiles program, pressure is mounting on Japan and South Korea to develop their own countermeasures.