Sacking FBI chief had nothing to do with Russia inquiry, says Trump

  • Sacking FBI chief had nothing to do with Russia inquiry, says Trump

Sacking FBI chief had nothing to do with Russia inquiry, says Trump

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating whether Trump campaign associates colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election, said he was "troubled by the timing".

Trump did not respond to a question about whether the next FBI director will oversee the ongoing investigation into Russia's attempts to meddle in the presidential election.

The FBI director had antagonised all sides - first angering Republicans by closing the email probe against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and then Democrats by reopening it days before the November presidential elections.

No, the reason Comey was sacked was because he was leading an investigation into the possibility of Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation.

Were those investigations getting too close to home for the President? He fired the acting attorney general, Sally Yates, at the end of January this year. Whenever we bring in the new director, essentially, we don't even need to waste time on this investigation.

Trump defended his decision Wednesday, asserting in a flurry of tweets that both Democrats and Republicans "will be thanking me" for his action.

When the subpoenas came out and Comey asked for an expansion of the investigation, he was sacked.

Mr. Rosenstein answered, "Yes, I do". In a statement, the White House said Trump emphasized the need to work together to end the conflict in Syria and underscored "the need for Russian Federation to rein in the Assad regime, Iran and Iranian proxies".

Mr. Rosenstein has the authority to appoint a special prosecutor right now; he needs no congressional authorization. Typically, what would happen here is the attorney general would check with ethics individuals within the Department of Justice, and get guidance as to whether or not it would be appropriate to weigh in on a particular matter after a recusal has occurred.

"I don't think they have much credibility", he said.

The special prosecutor can only be removed for good cause, such as misconduct, not to quash the investigation. "There can be no question that a fully independent special counsel must be appointed to lead this investigation".

As well as retweeting an article which set out "10 major Federal Bureau of Investigation scandals on Comey's watch", Mr Trump accused the Democrats of hypocrisy.

His tough-on-crime stance, including support for provocative tactics like stop-and-search, could make him a natural ally of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"Nobody really knew", a senior White House official told Politico.

White House and Department of Justice officials attributed Comey's dismissal to his handling of the probe involving Hillary Clinton's emails.

Mr Trump made no mention of Mr Comey's role in the Clinton investigation, which she has blamed in part for the election result. "We're going to stop the killing and the death". "Not since Watergate have our legal systems been so threatened, and our faith in the independence and integrity of those systems so shaken".